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Good Limousine Driver Legend


You are the favorite driver off the greatest celebrity of all time and she will attend to a lot of red carpet parties. It’s your duty to bring her safe and sound to the party locations and bring her right in front of the red carpet. After you dropped her off at the party you have to go to the parking place for limousines. In Good Limousine Legend Driver you will drive your celebrity around and put her in the spotlight when she arrives. The paparazzi are already at the location so coming late is no option. Can you handle the pressure as a limousine driver and become the driver legend for the greatest celebrities Unlock your favorite color Limo and make sure you will bring all your passengers on time to their party’s.
Features of Good Limousine Legend Driver * Be the limousine driver of the greatest celebs * Bring her to the red carpet events * Easy to play * Become the best limousine driver * On screen controls * Unlock your favorite color limo
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